Christina S.

We were referred to Debra when my son was five - he needed to strengthen his muscles in his hand to help him improve his handwriting as well as his overall core strength.  I can't say enough about her patience, enthusiasm and encouragement of him! In the beginning she created a thorough plan for him and a timeline of different areas of where she wanted to see improvement and would update me after every appointment for where he was and what we needed to work on at home.  

After a few months, we'd revisit our goals and she'd make adjustments where they were needed. I really appreciated that Debra was so focused with him during appointments. What I couldn't get over is the improvement I saw in him; not only did his strength improve greatly but so did his confidence.  Now he's 8, in second grade, and has very neat printing and is skiing down mountains!  

We're so lucky we found Debra and are so thankful for her caring and nurturing approach in her occupational therapy work.  We've recommended her program to a number of friends and it's because of her that our son has been successful in school and play!"

~Christina S.