Chris O.

During preschool, our preschool director noticed that our son was holding his hands over his ears during circle time and at recess he was not engaging in any messy activities, climbing or using the swings.  We had not noticed any of this at home but she suggested having him evaluated for sensory integration issues. We were referred to Debra who did an evaluation and recommended therapeutic play sessions. 

Our son looked forward to and loved the time he spent with Debra and we appreciated her thoughtful analysis and updates. Over the course of his therapy our son learned to play with sticky and gooey substances, which is surprisingly important to child development. He also gained the confidence to engage in climbing and swinging activities which improved his social life and engagement on the playground.

Years later, all of the challenges our son faced are distant memories. We consider his experience with Debra a complete success and are grateful that he was diagnosed so young and that the time he spent with her in preschool and kindergarten was so fruitful.

Debra is a joy to work with for kids and adults and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

~Chris O.