Liz Z.

I highly recommend PlaySpace Therapy in Walnut Creek.   Debra Nipp has worked with my daughter for 6 years addressing sensory processing issues and other challenges.  She has been an incredible partner and my daughter absolutely loves her.  She is warm and caring, and is a very skilled and knowledgeable OT.   Debra looks at the child holistically, and is knowledgeable about interventions outside of OT and helped guide us through the big picture needs of our child.  For example, she was instrumental in helping research and support us through dietary changes we decided to make that significantly improved my child's sleep.  Equally important, she was a voice a reason when it came to assessing and avoiding too good to be true "quick fix" or extreme and/or unsafe interventions and treatments.   Debra had many years of experience in San Francisco before opening her clinic in the East Bay.

-Liz Z.