Chris O.

During preschool, our preschool director noticed that our son was holding his hands over his ears during circle time and at recess he was not engaging in any messy activities, climbing or using the swings.  We had not noticed any of this at home but she suggested having him evaluated for sensory integration issues. We were referred to Debra who did an evaluation and recommended therapeutic play sessions.

-Chris O

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Liz Z.

I highly recommend PlaySpace Therapy in Walnut Creek.   Debra Nipp has worked with my daughter for 6 years addressing sensory processing issues and other challenges.  She has been an incredible partner and my daughter absolutely loves her.  She is warm and caring, and is a very skilled and knowledgeable OT.   Debra looks at the child holistically, and is knowledgeable about interventions outside of OT and helped guide us through the big picture needs of our child. 

-Liz Z.

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Jen L.

To have a space and a person so perfectly equip to meet your child's needs -and teach you how to do the same- is nothing short of life changing. I can't recommend the therapists at PlaySpace enough.

-Jen L.

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Christina S.

We were referred to Debra when my son was five - he needed to strengthen his muscles in his hand to help him improve his handwriting as well as his overall core strength.  I can't say enough about her patience, enthusiasm and encouragement of him! In the beginning she created a thorough plan for him and a timeline of different areas of where she wanted to see improvement and would update me after every appointment for where he was and what we needed to work on at home.  

-Christina S.

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Lisa L.

Our pediatrician referred us to Debra when our 3 year old became terrified of loud noises. He disliked sticky hands, was fearful at the playground, and fell down a lot. In less than 6 months working with Playspace, our son is thriving and exploring, no longer fearful. He climbs at the playground with excitement. Loud noises are not a problem. We are so thankful for Debra and Karin’s expertise and care.

-Lisa L

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